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Polaris RZR vs Polaris Ranger

2019 Polaris RZRWhether you’re looking to cart some materials across some acres of land, or you’re planning on exploring the trails in the Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge areas, having the right side by side can help you do both. But if you’re browsing some options, you’ve probably got stuck deciding on the Polaris RZR vs. Polaris Ranger. Both these side by side models offer a lot to their respective riders, but learning their differences can certainly push you in the right direction.

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RZR vs Ranger Engine Specifications & Abilities

The Polaris RZR and Ranger have similar capabilities, but they’re equipped with different engines. The RZR includes the 567cc liquid-cooled ProStar 570 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that can deliver 45 horsepower. The Ranger, on the other hand, is outfitted with a 500cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that produces 32 horsepower. Each side by side includes the On-Demand True AWD/2WD, however, the Ranger includes VersaTrac and Turf Mode.

Abilities & Capacities

2019 Polaris RZRThere’s a bit of a difference with these side by sides and their respective abilities. Even though the RZR has the higher horsepower output, the Ranger actually surpasses the overall abilities. The RZR has a payload limit of 740 pounds, while the Polaris Ranger can effectively carry 1,000 pounds of payload. However, each side by side model has a hitch towing rating of 1,500 pounds, and they’re both equipped to hold two passengers. The cargo box of the RZR maxes out at 300 pounds, while the cargo box of the Ranger can hold 500 pounds.

Dimensions & Weight

The RZR and Ranger do have similar appearances, but they’re actually different in size. The RZR is 107.5 inches long while the Ranger is longer, at 110 inches. The Ranger is even wider at 58 inches, vs. 50 inches, but it’s the RZR that offers the wider wheelbase at 77 inches, vs. the 73 inches that the Ranger includes. The RZR also has a higher ground clearance by half an inch.

Style & Options

2019 Polaris RangerThe Polaris RZR has more of a sport-based appearance with its frame and roll bar. This side by side, however, only offers white with red trim. The Ranger has more of a utility-based appearance, with its shorter front end and its clear cargo box in the back. This side by side is available in either Sage Green or Solar Red.

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At Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris, we hope that this Polaris RZR vs. Polaris Ranger helped you get a sense of what these side by side models offer, but more importantly, how they differ. While this RZR vs. Ranger comparison shed a little light and provided some insight, you may need a closer look to truly decide on the model you want.

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