The Best Landscaping near Zanesville OH

Landscaping WorkLawncare and maintenance are important because they keep your property looking great and can help you get ahead of any issues down the road. However, if you’ve got a busy week coming up and you really don’t want to spend your only time off outside with the lawnmower, hedge clippers, or chainsaw, we don’t blame you. Luckily, there are professionals around town who can help you keep your lawn looking great without you having to sweat for it.

Here’s a list of some of the best landscaping near Zanesville, OH, to help you with your yard maintenance.

A+ Lawncare & Landscaping

3970 New Riley Road, Dresden, OH                                                                       Facebook                 Instagram

If you look at a report card for landscaping companies, you’ll certainly be happy with the work done by A+ Lawncare & Landscaping. Since 2010, this landscaping company has been one of the top authorities on lawncare and yard maintenance in the area. Whether you’re looking for something simple like having someone mow your lawn or take in your hedges, or maybe you’re looking for more large-scale work involving a fence or patio, A+ can help you out. They even offer irrigation services to help you get ahead of any storms. Plus, you can call them during the winter for snow removal.

Lones Stone & Landscape Supply

6095 Newark Road, Nashport, OH                                                                         Facebook                 Twitter

LandscapingAre you seeking out a full-service landscaping company that can do it all? If so, Lones Stone & Landscape Supply may be the company you’re looking for. If you’ve got big plans for your backyard, including adding a retaining wall, adding or expanding a patio, throwing in some pathway lights, or going all out with a stone firepit and grill surroundings, this team will bring their hard work and expertise to make your dream backyard a reality. If you’re in construction and simply need the right materials, they can deliver them to your job site!

ProTurf Lawn Treatments

Whether you’re in need of simple lawn maintenance, weed control, or even grub control, ProTurf Lawn Treatments is the Zanesville-based landscape company for you! They even offer flea and tick extermination services to help reduce tiny pests from interrupting your backyard BBQs or affecting your furry family members. They also offer lawn aeration services to help improve drainage and promote the healthy growth of your grass. If you’re looking for the right lawn and landscape service, it’s good to go with the pros at ProTurf Lawn Treatments.

When it’s time to get some major work done on your yard, don’t be afraid to call the professionals at the best landscaping companies near Zanesville, OH, to help you see the work all the way through!