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Finding a tough and capable four-wheeler to tackle the hilly terrain and varying trails throughout the Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge areas shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you’re looking to take your off-roading adventures a little more seriously, you may want to take a closer look at the 2018 Sportsman Polaris Pursuit from Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris. This impressive ATV delivers a lot, so to help riders and racers like yourself, we’re going to give you the details you need!

Keep reading to see if the Polaris Pursuit is the right four-wheeler for you!

Engine Specs & Performance

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The Sportsman Polaris Pursuit comes equipped with the ProStar 850cc 4-stroke Twin Cylinder Liquid Cooled engine. This engine gives the Polaris Pursuit the ability to hit 78 horsepower when pushing forward on asphalt, mud, and grass.

The engine gets paired with the High Performance On-Demand True AWD/2WD, which varies the drivetrain depending on the difficulty of the terrain below. The engine also includes the Automatic PVT transmission, which includes reverse maneuverability.

Suspension, Dimensions, & Capacities

Not only can the Sportsman Polaris Pursuit deliver an impressive performance, but it’s really fun to ride and offers an agility, all thanks to its impressive suspension components. The High Clearance Arched Dual A-Arm front suspension and the High Clearance Arched Dual A-Arm Rolled IRS rear suspension make tackling steep inclines easy and exciting.

As for the vehicle’s measurements, it features a body that’s 83.25 inches long, 47.6 inches wide, and 50.75 inches high. The ATV includes an 11.5 inch ground clearance and a 53 inch wheelbase. The Polaris Pursuit has a dry weight of 767 pounds.

This ATV offers some pretty remarkable abilities, but its performance isn’t the only thing impressive offered by the Pursuit. The vehicle offers a 120-lb front rack capacity, allowing you to bring some materials along on your adventure that are right in front of the handles. This ATV also has a 1,500-lb towing capacity, which lets you bring additional materials, cargo, or equipment with you.





Ground Clearance


83.25 inches

47.6 inches

50.75 inches

53 inches

11.5 inches

767 lbs

Sportsman Polaris Pursuit Colors & Styles

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This ATV has a commanding size and stature that let you know that it’s capable of some considerable feats. Adding to its impressive appearance is its varying color options. The base level trim is available in Sage Green or Indy Red. The SP Package includes options like Sunset Red, Matte Titanium, and even Polaris Pursuit Camo. The High Lifter Edition only comes in Cruiser Black, but this trim adds heavy duty tires to add a more rugged style, as well as aid in handling and performance.

Going for a Ride on the 2018 Sportsman Polaris Pursuit

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the Polaris Pursuit, you’re ready to take the next step and get a closer look at this impressive ATV. When you’re ready, you can always drop by for a visit at Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris to get a closer look and some more insight. But when you’re trying to figure out how you feel, there’s no better push than climbing on top and experiencing the performance and handling to help you decide.

Experience the 2018 Sportsman Polaris Pursuit with a fun and informative test drive at Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris