2018 Polaris Sportsman Review |

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There’s nothing quite like heading out on the sprawling trails and fields in the Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge in a powerful and adventurous ATV. While you’ve got plenty of options to consider for your next four-wheeler, you may want to give the 2018 Polaris Sportsman a closer look. At Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris, we’re here to help you learn even more about this impressive ATV so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you and your adventures!

Sportsman Touring 570

ATV 3 300

The Sportsman Touring 570 ATV is the entry model, offering impressive performance and handling. This ATV is equipped with the ProStar 567cc 4-Stroke Single Cylinder liquid-cooled engine that’s paired with the Automatic PVT transmission and is capable of delivering 44 horsepower. This four-wheeler even includes the True OnDemand AWD/2WD, which allows you to switch between drive modes to compensate for the hilly terrain you’re about to drive over.

Adding to the fun of riding the Sportsman Touring 570 is its Macpherson Strut front shocks and the Dual A-Arm rear shocks, providing enough bounce without reducing control. This ATV can carry 575 lbs of payload, but when it comes to towing, you’re able to trailer 1,225 lbs.

Sportsman 850 High Lifter Edition

This ATV offers a noticeably bigger body, with rugged all-terrain tires and a formidable frame. The Sportsman 850 High Lifter Edition includes the ProStar 850cc 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder that’s liquid cooler and features an inverted dual fan to keep the engine at an optimal temperature during peak performance. The engine allows this ATV to deliver 78 horsepower.

The High Lifter Edition Sportsman 850 features the High Clearance Arched Dual A-Arm front and rear suspension for an agile and direct handling. This trim drops the payload capacity to 290 lbs. However, it can effectively tow 1,500 lbs.

Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000

ATV 4 300

The Sportsman Touring XP 1000 ATV brings the best of both worlds with the previously listed models. It reduces the size of the 850, but carries the same ferocious performance and carries it even further. It comes standard with the ProStar 925cc 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder engine that can deliver 88 horsepower, the highest output yet.

This ATV offers a bouncy but stable ride with the Dual A-Arm front and rear suspension. The ATV’s payload capacity drops down to 575 lbs, but it carries over the 1,500 lbs towing capacity brought on by the Sportsman High Lifter Edition.

Go Out for a Ride in the 2018 Polaris Sportsman ATV

At Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris, we hope that our 2018 Polaris Sportsman review helped you get a better sense of what this ATV brings to the table with your off-roading experiences. If you’re looking to learn more, why not drop by and see the Sportsman up close. You can certainly inform your decision by taking it out for a spin to see what it’s truly made of.

Schedule a test drive with us at Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris. We’re the guys that ride who are here to help riders and racers in Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge make the right choice when choosing their next off-roading vehicle.