2018 Polaris Razor Zanesville OH

If you’re actively seeking out the right sporty UTV side-by-side to tackle the trails in Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge, you have a few options that you may want to consider. While there are plenty of different styles and models, the 2018 Polaris Razor is one of the most sought out UTVs on the market. At Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris, we’re here to help you by taking a more in-depth look at the this UTV so you can get a sense of its impressive abilities.

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Keep reading to find out what the 2018 Polaris Razor side by side can do on the trails so you can determine if it’s what you’re looking for to add some more adventure in your life.

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Polaris Razor Performance Options

There are plenty of different options with the 2018 Razor to help you determine what you need or what you’re looking for. The Trail models offer two different engines, the ProStar® 570 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, or the ProStar® 900 4-stroke twin-cylinder. The single-cylinder engine can hit 45 horsepower while the Twin-Cylinder engine can hit 75 horsepower.

The Razor Sport trims feature the same 75 horsepower twin-cylinder engine, however, they offer an additional engine option. The ProStar® 1000 can deliver 100 horsepower. The 2018 Razor Extreme trims offer the ProStar® 1000 high output 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine that increases the abilities to 110 horsepower. This trim also offers a ProStar® turbo twin-cylinder engine that delivers 168 horsepower. The Razor Multi trims offer each engine that’s available to allow drivers to choose their own performance.

2018 Razor Abilities & Capacities

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The Polaris Razor Trail, Sport, and Extreme trims all offer the same abilities, except for their engine output. These trims have a payload capacity of 740 lbs and a rear rack capacity of 300 lbs. These trims all feature a 2-person seating capacity allowing you and a passenger to tackle the trails and hills. The Razor Multi trims boost the payload capacity to 900 lbs, but still retains the 300 lbs rear rack weight capacity. However, the Multi trims also include rear seats, allowing for four total passengers to enjoy the ride.

Polaris Razor Handling & Protection

The only 2018 Polaris Razor trims that feature an engine braking system are the Trail and Sport trims. Each Razor trim includes a secure rollover bar for added protection for you and your passengers. The Trail trims include ZF Sachs® front and rear shocks while the Sport and Extreme trims include options of the FOX® 2.0 PERFORMANCE PODIUM shocks, or Walker Evans® Needle shocks. The Multi trims offer higher quality FOX® and Walker Evans shocks.

Learning Even More About the 2018 Polaris Razor

At Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris, we hope that you found our 2018 Polaris Razor review helpful. Did you learn enough about the performance and abilities to steer you in the right direction? You can always get a better sense of these UTV models by taking a closer look in-person. When you’re ready, we’ll be here waiting to get you behind the wheel so you can experience the 2018 Polaris for yourself.

Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris is here to help drivers and fun-loving adventurers in Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge make the right choice for their off-roading vehicle.