2018 Polaris R18 Review |


When it’s time to find an off-road capable vehicle for commercial use, you’ve got a few options to consider, but you may want to take a closer look at the Polaris Ranger. The R18 model offers plenty of impressive abilities that may be able to assist you with your workload. At Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris, we’re here to help workers and business owners across Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge learn more about this side by side so they can see how it can benefit their work!

Keep reading to see if the Polaris R18 can be the new edition to your fleet!

Polaris R18 Performance Specs & Handling

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The Polaris Ranger comes equipped with a 500cc 4-stroke Single Cylinder Liquid-Cooled engine that’s capable of delivering 32 horsepower. The vehicle includes the Automatic PVT Transmission that allows for smooth and direct gear transitions. The On Demand True AWD can detect when the use of All-Wheel Drive is needed, so it will activate the drive system when the terrain is slick, hilly, or rough. The Macpherson Strut 9 front suspension and the Dual A-Arm rear suspension allow for a smooth ride, regardless of the trails, tracks, and terrain underneath.

Dimensions & Capabilities

The Polaris R18 side by side is spacious but compact. It offers enough seating for the driver and a passenger while offering a cargo bed in the rear to carry some materials. The R18 is 110 inches long, 58, inches wide, and 73 inches tall. The side by side offers a 10 inch ground clearance and a 73 inch wheelbase, making it easy to maneuver when there’s objects or debris in your path.

As for the abilities, the R18 side by side is capable of carrying 1,000 lbs of payload. When it comes to towing, the R18 can trailer 1,500 lbs of materials. The cargo bed is 32 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 11.5 inches tall, offering about 8.9 cubic feet of storage space. The side by side also includes the Lock & Ride® cargo box, which allows you to lock and store your materials, keeping them secure and stable when traveling on varying terrain.

Style & Appearance

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While this side by side is capable of some impressive feats that can help towards making the workday easier and more efficient, it also offers some great aesthetics. The R18 Polaris Ranger is available in two distinct colors: Sage Green and Solar Reg. The side by side also features an overhead canopy, offering protection from any falling debris and harsh sunlight that’s common during long days of working outside

Learn More About Your Next Work Vehicle

In this 2018 Polaris R18 review, you’ve learned a lot about the Ranger side by side and what it offers, and of course, what it can do to help you with your mounting workload. However, you can learn even more about this off-roading vehicle by coming by to see it at Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris. You can even give it a test drive to see how it handles and what it can do to help you throughout the workday.

Schedule a test drive at Treadway Honda Suzuki Polaris. We’re here to help workers, riders, and business owners in Zanesville, Thornville, and Cambridge for when it’s time to find the right off-road commercial vehicle!